• Solar powered computers for Kenya
  • Solar powered computers for Kenya

Solar Classroom
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Solar Classroom

( Aleutia )

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The Aleutia Solar Classroom in a Box enables computers to be used in remote areas by providing rugged, ultra energy efficient PCs, powerful open source education software, and all the solar equipment needed to run a computer suite for an average of 50 hours/week, with or without an internet connection. It's delivered on a standard pallet, can be set up in hours, and can operate just about anywhere for several years

Consists of 1 Rugged PC,  11 LED Monitors, Userful zero client software, 10 Atrust zero client terminals, 11 keyboards and mice, Solar kit can be bought locally and installed for KSh 250,000. Total Power Consumption: 250 Watts.

Product Description


The Solar Classroom in a Box is the result of our experience fulfilling solar PC projects in Africa for 5 years. It's an off the shelf, tested solution that removes the complexity and ad-hoc nature of solar power. Everything works together and is plug and play.

650 Watts of Solar for 50 Hours of Uptime Per Week

Separately bought 2 weatherproof 270W panels provide 540W of power to the charge controller and a 350W inverter. The lab uses 250  Watts of Power so in typical conditions the lab can be run for 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, with spare capacity for 2 days with no charge at all.  2 x 325Ah, 6V battery pack. This comes inclusive of VAT, installation, electronics, lightning protection, wiring etc.





Easy to Deploy in Hours

Everything in our Classroom in a Box has been designed to unpack and set up quickly and is guaranteed to work well together. You need to mount the panels and prepare the network cables to connect all the workstations but all the trickier cabling is taken care of.

Classroom of 10 Zero Client Workstations + Server with Userful Multiseat

One of our rugged T1 PCs operates as the server. This is a fanless PC with solid state drive - it has no moving parts to ensure reliability. The server is dual core and fanless and doubles as the teacher's PC. The T1 connects to the workstations (allowing for better management).

Rugged PCs Designed for Dusty, Hot, and Humid Enviroments

Our CIAB is based around PCs that have no moving parts and are impervious to dust. These industrial-grade computers can operate in temperatures up to 40 C and 95% humidity. Even the server is fanless.

Powerful Open Source Software for Education and Classroom Management

All the PCs run Edubuntu, the education-oriented version of Ubuntu Linux that includes powerful learning software for primary, secondary, and tertiary students. The classroom server runs Userful Multiseat, which includes teacher management software.




Size and Weight

  • Weight: 11 Seat Lab without batteries: 120 kg. 10 zero client with keyboard, mouse plus server and 11 monitors weigh 50kg. Solar Panels and distribution board add additional 60kg. Networking equipment adds10kg.
  • Size: 1165 x 1165 mm standard pallet.


Teacher's Computer

  • Also Functions as Proxy Server and LTSP File Server
  • USB 2.0 Ports: 5 in total, 3 rear, 2 front
  • Rear I/O: Audio Out (Headphones), LAN,, 3 x USB 2.0 Ports, DVI-D Digital Display Port, VGA Display Port, DC Input, Optional WLAN ReSMA Antenna Header
  • Front I/O: Audio In/Out, 2 x USB 2.0 Ports, On/Off Button. Power and Hard Drive ACtivity LED

LED Displays

  • 12V Monitor: 18.5" 1366 x 768 LED Monitor with 9W Power Consumption.

Networking and Connectivity

  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch: Realtek 8111D: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Controller
  • 3G Router: PXE Boot and Wake-on-LAN supported
  • Cabling: 100 Meters LAN Cable including with Crimping Tool and 30 RJ45 Connectors.


Solar Distribution Board

  • Charge Controller: Morningstar 45A Charge Controller
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Studer 500W Continuous AC Inverter (Can run at 600W for 30 Minutes). For 20 seat labs, Studer 1200W Inverter.
  • Circuit Breaker: protects system if equipment with high power consumption (such as power tool) is plugged in.
  • Output: UK AC 3 Prong Electrical Outlet


Power Consumption and Details

  • Power Consumption 11 Seat Lab: 250W with all 10 student computers, teacher's computer and server, networking equipment.